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from ... Karl Power

After the last round of the National Enduro in Taupo we had a ride day of family, friends and sponsors to say a big thanks for all the help and support throughout the last year. We held it near Auckland this year and the weather played on our side, well sort of. It started out fine then we had a few quick rain showers but lucky we had a fire cranking to dry us all out. It was great to catch up with everyone all at the one place at the same time. We had all sorts of things to do. There were a whole fleet of bikes from Blue Wing Honda (thanks guys!) big screen TV with play station, paint ball shooting, a seg way and a big feast at lunch time but the high light of the day was probably Reece running out of fuel. We think he was just a bit too keen on cutting laps all day and the bike he was riding came to a stop out the back. We were all to busy feeding our stomachs too miss where he had gone. It was a long 30 mins waiting on the side of the track hahaha.

ISDE Finland. A day after that it was on a plane and straight to Finland for the ISDE. I think most of your were kept in the loop on how our team did but here's a link if you want to get the inside line on this massive event.
It was a huge effort by the Wellard's crew and all the helpers and supporters the came over the fly the Kiwi flag with us, thank you!  As a club team I believe we did well and I hope we can keep representing New Zealand at the ISDE because I think this is were the best off road riders in the worldcome to race.also it’s the longest running off road motorcycling event in the world and to be apart of this is very special!

As apart of riding bikes there's always the risk of hurting your self and while over at the ISDE I hurt my right thumb by twisting it backwards on the second day of racing. So since I've been back there been a little bit of down time so I have chosen to rest up my hand a let it heal. It will take months to heal it self but if you don’t use it you will lose it. Also to add to that I will have to have a little correction surgery on both of my feet. It just something that’s been bothering me for a while now and can't wait to get this fixed up! It's nothing major but it will take six weeks to be fully healed up. I'm booked in to get that done around December.
Goals. On the horizon it's The Roof of Africa. I'm lucky enough to be put in contact with some guys to invite me over to The Roof in South Africa. Very luck to get this ride and its going to be one tough event so its all go from here on in. Also as soon as I get back it straight into the M3DE in NZ. It's New Zealand's own multi-day-enduro. It’s a fun event run near Auckland and I cant wait for it this year!
Woodhill 2-Man. The other weekend it was time to get some local racing under the belt. I had miss the two first rounds of the Woodhill two man series but decided to enter the final round as a iron man entry. This is a 3 hour race and man does it get rough on the last lap. Off the start I got a good jump and was away quickly. I held that position in the iron man class all the way to the end. I also had some good battles with some of the teamed entries and finishing the race 4th overall. It was a good effort considering I got a massive blister on my thumb half way though the race. It also was cold and muddy which didn’t help the situation with the goggles.
Six Hours: Also the other weekend Chris and myself were invited down to the Morley Nelson six-hour. We got a solid start to the race and took home the big win on Chris Cyclespot CRF450. It was a great track and a well set up event and we will be trying to make it back there next year for some more fun.

Also below is some photos from out sponsors/invite only ride day.
Karl Power