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Who is Jordi Tixier ?

Edited copy courtesy of Youthstream

With one EMX 125 round to go the 17 year old, Jordi Tixier, already has the Championship won.

Jordi Tixier was born in France on 02 November 1992 and was soon introduced to the world of Motocross by his father – a former rider at National level- who put his son on his first bike at the age of three. From then on Jordi became a passionate of the sport and even raced his first competition on a motorcycle when he was just six years old.

Tixier had to wait until he was 11 years old before wrapping up his first title, which came with the victory of the French "Miniverte” Championship in 2003 onboard a 65cc KTM.

Towards the end of 2009 Tixier's talent was spotted by former World Champion Jacky Martens, now running the Nestaan JM Racing KTM team. Martens offered the youngster a ride and the association delivered results straight away starting with a Bercy Supercross 125cc win at the end of last year.

With the EMX 125 series starting for its first time in 2010 with the goal of increasing the base of the sport, Tixier and Martens saw the perfect opportunity for their association to clinch the first Championship Title and launch Tixier into the main Motocross series following this first Championship campaign.

Starting in Mantova together with other 72 riders (number of rivals which would remain almost unchanged for the rounds of this series) Tixier managed to win both heats on the Italian sand.

At a rain hit Loket, Tixier narrowly missed out on the pole position while runner up in the Championship Lafont had a nightmare qualifying as he ended 21st. Being as motivated as ever to wrap up the Title, Tixier made it already in the first heat of the day which he won. Despite having the Title under his belt, Tixier showed no mercy for his rivals and took victory also in the second heat to win his fifth round out of six.

Jordi Tixier. After Loket, he was to test a MX2 KTM and after the test will decide whether to race that class or again the EMX 125 at the final meeting of 2010 in Fermo, Italy, on the September 12 weekend.  Photo courtesy of Youthstream.