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from ... Mike Phillips

Race format:  2 x 10 lap motos back to back times twice so a total of four Motos.
Qualifying: I managed to get a few laps in before I pumped up a little and started to ride tight. I found a few good lines on the rutty tacky track.10th
Moto1: I got a good jump and came around the first turn in 3rd. I was pushing it hard and feeling good but wasn't expecting a rut to blow out and I went down. I picked myself up and got going but tried pushing it too hard and my throttle arm pumped up and got cramp. I rode out the race as fast as I could and finished in 9th.

Moto2: Another good start and I was in the top bunch again. This time I was taking no prisoners and putting it all on the line. I was feeling good until a small clutch problem took my mind off the racing and I was passed by both team mates Cheyne Boyd and Todd Waters. I was still on the their back wheels but the clutch got worse and I settled for 7th.

Moto3: I got a good start again and settled into 5th. I made a pass on fellow Kiwi Cody Cooper and moved into 4th. I had some good lines but teammate Waters was on my back wheel. I was trying to hold him off and was messing up my lines. He got by and I finished in 5th.

Moto4: It was a solid start but not the best. I pushed into 6th behind team-mate Boyd and was on his back wheel until I pushed a little too hard on a slippery berm and the back wheel broke over the top and high sided me. I went down hard but got back on and rode the rest of the race but wasn't in any state to push it. I finished a disappointing 18th but it was still points.

It wasn't a good day at all. I have to take the positives from it and move on to this weekends round in Coolum. It's the final round of the Championship and there are still loads of points up for grabs. Body is feeling a lot better today and will be fine for the weekend. Again a big thanks to my mechanic and team for all thier hard work.

Mike Phillips