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2011 Pikes Peak Record Breaking Run with Nobuhiro Tajima

Monster Tajima uses all the road (literally) to be the first person to break the 10 minute barrier ! Focus on the spectators lining the route and you appreciate how fast the Monster Sport Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special is going.

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Auto Blog's Jeff Glucker said this about the Kiwis Rod and son Rhys Millen - bonus video after Monster's.

Rhys Millen and his RMR Hyundai-powered PM580 ended the day with disappointment. For the second year in a row, mechanical issues caused Millen to run far slower than he's capable. Millen's brakes gave out with around four miles left in the course, which would be a game-ending occurence for lesser drivers. Rhys plugged on, and passed the finish line in 10:09.30. Rhys believes he was losing two seconds per corner due to the damaged stoppers, so the time was surprisingly quick for the hampered PM580.

Rod Millen
, returning to the mountain for the first time in more than 10 years, managed to set a new record in the 2WD Time Attack Class. Millen used his son's Formula Drift Hyundai Genesis Coupe and ran from bottom to top in 11:04.912. After the race, the elder Millen said this would most definitely be his last year to compete at Pikes Peak, although he greatly appreciated his son's invitation to drive the mountain one last time.