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The Leatt 4 Hour

Motomuck Junior 90.

The scaled down version of the Leatt Four hour gave young riders the opportunity to take part in a real endurance race with most of the same event elements as the big race.

Blasting off at 8:30 into the rain soaked track the 33 riders got away cleanly. Juniors competed on a 13km track (around half the distance of the Seniors which meant that Parents could keep a good eye on the youngsters. In the end Cameron Vaughan won over Hadleigh Knight in 2nd with Anthony Parker rounding out the top 3. Sean Clarke’s son Jesse took out 4th to put Dad in a good mood for his race later in the day.

The event will now build upon this first trial and there should be twice the amount of riders on the Motomuck Junior 90 start line in 2012. And now to the big race.

Leatt Four Hour

The start is always a huge spectacle as over 201 dirt bikes are fired into action. Vin Elliott's captured the 'shotgun' start on video:

The start was clean with most riders making it around the first 2km of grass track rubber side down. After 22km of forest riding Adrian Smith appeared on his Yamaha and must have had about a 30 second lead on second.

With the lap time taking around 30 minutes even for the fastest riders, it meant a fuel stop was required for most riders every lap. So the art of a quick (but legal) pit stop was critical.

The Yamaha lead was stolen by the blistering pace of Team Honda who produced the fastest lap of the day of 29 min and 15 seconds. The combined speed of Peter Broxholme and Karl Power was too much for the rest of the field and they guided their CRF250 home for the win.

Top 3 results.

  1. Peter Broxholme and Karl Power
  2. Adrian Smith and Callan May
  3. Cameron Negus and Barry Morris

There was 169 finishers and 32 DNFs.  Of interest is that the top 4 placings were taken up by small bore bikes so obviously huge horsepower was not an advantage on the day.

Great to see the legendary Sean Clarke taking out First Ironman, First Veteran and 7th overall. Another fantastic result was Greg DeLatour and Jono Hill taking out 8th overall and First Junior team. (Greg, your Dad will be proud).

Track conditions were described as amazingly dry considering the rain, but very, very bumpy which left most riders pretty drained after 4 hours. So well done to all those individuals who took on the Ironman option.