Moto Media

from ... Scott Columb

LOCATION: Middle of nowhere.

TIME SINCE LAST ENTRY: 184 Days or 4,416 hours.

Has it been that long for you, 184 days since you’ve had action worth telling the world about, or have you swung a leg over it lately?

I have…and it was bliss, feeling the vibrations of a big engine between ya legs, hearing those familiar rumbling sounds, and speeding across the dirty ground…pure ecstasy!

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking about riding my motorcycle for the first time, in a long time, and it was all of the above and much, MUCH MORE…

So, where have I been and what have I been doing these last 4,416 hours? God only knows, my mother Marilyn would say but now you can know to, here’s a quick run down on what’s been happening...

Rehab post-surgery on my reconstructed knee has been slow, painfully slow in fact and difficult, but my knee is recovering and is starting to feel stronger. There has been a lot of physiotherapy, gym work, and trips to consult the specialists. I’ve felt extremely frustrated at times but I am now, beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been filling the hours of each day with anything that will benefit and aid my recovery, both of the mind and body…

The month of May was EPIC, rehab had me riding my downhill bike down the recently opened Skyline mountain bike trails. Catching the Gondola up and peddling down, swoosh, pump, jump! To have close encounters with trees again was awesome! It felt so good to get the heart rate going and get that feeling again... "you’ve lost that love and feeling, whoa that loving feeling”, this injury forced break has been emotional…

And then on Saturday I began riding a motorcycle again. I’m starting off easy, by just trail riding for the month of June. I hadn’t been on a motorcycle since January and let me tell you I have never been so happy to have arm pump in my whole life! Whiskey throttle? Well yeah a little but hell, it felt glorious to ride again. I will reassess my knee after this months riding but at this stage I will be lapping out a moto track again in July and looking to race again August onwards.

And that concludes, What now? Where to? What will become?

Many great poets have said, to come back from an injury to soon or to never come back at all…I will be back, slowly. And when? Hopefully soon!

Love to all my brothers and sisters.