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Torrential rain in the lead up to the event created treacherous, muddy conditions and turned the technical natural terrain Echo Valley course into the toughest challenge the riders have faced all year.

In the extraordinary conditions Rockstar Motul Suzuki’s Cody Cooper and Daniel McCoy rose to the challenge, and both recorded their maiden round victories for the season. In doing so, both riders have charged up the Championship standings.

In the premier Pro Open class, Suzuki’s Cooper returned to dominant form after a rib and lung injury at the second round of the Championship derailed his title assault. Clearly the fastest rider in the field prior to his injury, Cooper demonstrated his motocross pedigree recording 1-2-1-3 results to take the round win.

The round win rockets Cooper back inside the overall Championship top ten and he currently sits in eighth position on 213 points.

In the Pro Lites class Rockstar Motul Suzuki’s Daniel McCoy also recorded his first overall round win for the season.

Coming into the round, McCoy’s consistent top five riding had him in fourth place overall, however Suzuki’s quarter litre charger upped the ante at Echo Valley with a 2-3-2 result for the round.

McCoy now sits third in the series and is just 52 points off series leader Matt Moss.

Jay Foreman - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki Team Manager:  "It was great to see Cody back to winning form. Even though he is still suffering a bit from fatigue due to lack of riding, he is clearly on his way back to a level close to that before his injury.

"Daniel has ridden consistently well this year. Now that he has a round win, it puts him in a strong position to challenge for the title. He is only 25 points off second so we will continue to chip away at that margin. We are still working on developing the bike for Daniel and each round we are getting better and faster.

"To win both classes at a National Championship round really shows how good Suzuki’s four-stroke RM-Z motocross range is. The clean sweep is also a great acknowledgment of how our sponsor’s product helps us go racing.”

Round 5 2011 Australian Motocross Championship Results

Pro Open
1. Cody Cooper 
2. Billy Mackenzie
3. Dean Ferris
4. Cheyne Boyd
5. Josh Coppins
6. Jay Marmont
7. Michael Phillips
8. Matthew Phillips
9. Louis Calvin
10. Beau Ralston

Pro Open Championship Standings
1. Dean Ferris 379
2. Billy Mackenzie 370
3. Josh Coppins 350
4. Cheyne Boyd 328
5. Jay Marmont 324
6. Michael Phillips 291
7. Lawson Bopping 251
8. Cody Cooper 213
9. Ryan Marmont 206
10. Louis Calvin 193

Pro Lites
1. Daniel McCoy 
2. Jake Moss
3. Josh Cachia
4. Phil Nicoletti
5. Luke Styke
6. Brenden Harrison
7. Kade Mosig
8. Alex Morris
9. Keiron Hall
10. Justin McDonald

Pro Lites Championship Standings
1. Matt Moss 347
2. Kirk Gibbs 320
3. Daniel McCoy 295
4. Brenden Harrison 283
5. Josh Cachia 266
6. Phil Nicoletti 244
7. Keiron Hall 244
8. Cody Mackie 238
9. Justin McDonald 235
10. Luke Styke 230