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Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing’s Mike Phillips withstood abysmal conditions at the fifth round of the MX Nationals at Toowoomba’s Echo Valley Motocross Track today, to finish seventh.

An overnight downpour rendered the track a quagmire and saw every lap a lottery for the CRF450 pilots who were unrecognisable as they wrestled their bikes around the extremely boggy and rutted track.

Michael Phillips rode four cautious but solid races finishing sixth, eighth, seventh and seventh to retain his sixth place in the Championship standings.

Mike Phillips:  "To be honest I was a little it disappointed with my results today.  I wanted to push harder but something in the back of my head said play it safe and finish each race.  The track conditions today made it extremely tough and I couldn’t get comfortable. The main line dried out but if you got off the line it was treacherous.”

With three weeks until Coonabarabran makes its MX Nationals debut Phillips will return to New Zealand to continue his preparations the Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing Team will return to Victoria to continue their extensive testing program.

Top Ten MX Nationals Pro Open Round 5 Results - Toowoomba

1. Cody Cooper, 92 (25, 22, 25 20)
2. Billy Mackenzie, 88 (18, 25, 20 25)
3. Dean Ferris, 80pts,(22, 18, 18, 22)
4. Cheyne Boyd, 73pts (13, 20, 22, 18)  - Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing team mate
5. Josh Coppins, 60pts (12, 16, 16, 16)
6. Jay Marmont, 59pts (16, 15, 15, 13)
7. Michael Phillips, 56pts (15, 13, 14, 14)
8. Matthew Phillips, 51pts (14, 14, 13, 10)
9. Louis Calvin, 37pts, (0, 11, 11, 15)
10. Beau Ralston, 37pts, (10, 9, 9, 9)

Top Ten MX Nationals Pro Open Championship Standings - after round 5 of 9

1. Dean Ferris 379pts
2. Billy McKenzie 370pts
3. Josh Coppins 350pts
4. Cheyne Boyd 328pts - Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing team mate
5. Jay Marmont 324pts
6. Michael Phillips 291pts
7. Lawson Bopping 251pts
8. Cody Cooper, 213pts
9. Ryan Marmont 206pts
10. Louis Calvin 193pts