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James Stewart

A sign of things to come ?

The 2011 Monster Energy Yamaha consist of a three rider ‘attack’ on each class with David Philippaerts, Steven Frossard and Anthony Boissière spearheading the MX1-GP effort and Gautier Paulin, Harri Kullas and Christophe Charlier doing the business in MX2-GP.

Head of Yamaha Rinaldi Research and Development (YRRD) Michele Rinaldi explained some of the differences to the World Championship ‘weaponry’ for 2011.

Philippaerts (Italian, 27 years old) and Frossard (French, 23 years) will steer the latest version of the YZ450FM now in its second year of development and with several modifications to the powerful fuel-injected engine of the twice-GP winning unit of 2010 and a different suspension system has also been employed. Boissière is equipped with the ’10 model but uses a set of upgrades.

In MX2-GP Gautier Paulin fields a completely revised YZ250FM 'prototype' engine including a new carbon fuel tank plus fuel injection.

(Note: it also has a carbon fibre sub-frame - Alan H.)

Kullas and Charlier retain the use of YZ250FM 2010 engine technology with mods for the 2011 season.

"We have certainly been busy over the last eighteen months starting from the production machines,” explained Rinaldi. "We have been able to progress with the excellent base of the YZ450FM for 2011 and have taken a step in MX2-GP including fuel injection and other changes to the YZ250FM."

"The performance of modern motocross motorcycle is now at a very high point but we continue to work to focus on important areas, such as maintaining and improving performance while keeping the noise levels low. I have been in the sport all my life but with riders like we have and the huge effort made by the YRRD staff it is exciting to be here starting another season and I’m looking forward to seeing our potential.”