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with ... Marc Coma

KTM's Marc Coma on Thursday won his fifth Desert Challenge in the shifting sands of the desert around Abu Dhabi.

The win is Marc's first competitive outing with the new KTM 450 Rally bike after sealing his third Dakar victory in January 2011 to complete 10 consecutive Dakar wins for the Austrian sports motorcycle specialist.

KTM Racing News managed to catch up with Marc at the conclusion of the five day event in Abu Dhabi for some brief impressions of his days back in the sand.

You have just won your fifth Desert Challenge. Share some thoughts with us about what it is like to be back on the bike and racing in the dunes ?
This is a good rally. It's a short one but it's really difficult because all the guys are in the dunes together. And the dunes are also very difficult. They are high dunes and the sand is soft and warm. These are really extreme conditions and you know this is my fifth victory here so it's special. I am very happy.

How do you prepare for this short rally when you compare it to the much longer Dakar ?

It's completely different. Especially because now its two months after the Dakar and our condition is not at the best point. We know that the first days are difficult but then after that you have the rhythm and you can play a bit. You begin to understand the dunes. In any case the rally is only five days long and you have to be smart with the tactics because you can lose the race with only very small details

Is there any additional pressure for you racing the world championships after winning your third Dakar ?
Yes, there is. It's very important that we are going in the right direction and we have to continue like this. I am happy because after winning the Dakar and now winning again, well that's good. We have to continue like that. But we must never forget that there is only one way to get to this point and that's by working, working and working.

Congratulations, Marc and thanks for talking to us.