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James Stewart

Honda World Motocross Team ready for Bulgaria

The wait is over and it is now time to see if the extensive pre-season testing programme in Europe and Japan has paid off. 2011 marks a new dawn for Honda World Motocross. The team formerly known as Martin Honda, have become the official Honda team in 2011, renamed the Honda World Motocross Team.

The new-look team also presents a completely new rider line-up in the shape of Russian Evgeny Bobryshev (pictured right) and Portuguese Rui Gonçalves (pictured left). Both riders have been training hard throughout the winter to get in prime physical condition. This winter training schedule included altitude training with Remo Longin, a professional trainer for the Cross-country Italian Ski Team.

On track the team have been competing in the 4-round Italian Championship in the early part of this year, to get race ready. Rui has experienced positive but mixed results, as he continues to adapt to 450cc machinery (having ridden a 350cc machine in 2010), team mate Bobryshev has posted some impressive finishes, an overall win in Faenza being the highlight.

Now it is time for the big one, the MX1 World Championship. When the gate drops, be sure nothing will be left in reserve !

Evgeny Bobryshev, Honda World Motocross: "I am a little bit nervous but really excited to get to Bulgaria and get started with things. I have been working really hard over the winter and training so hard, like a robot! I have never been in better shape and have lost lots of weight since last season. My goal is to be consistent and aim for top 5 in every race. That will put me in a position to also challenge for wins and over the course of the season and to challenge at the sharp end of the championship.”

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross:  "I have been working really hard over the winter and doing a lot of training to get in the best shape possible. It has taken me some time to get used to my new team and a new bike but I have developed a really good relationship with them all and feel really comfortable within the team. Consistency is going to be key for me and at the tracks I really like I will be pushing for the top positions.”

Lorenzo Resta, Team Manager, Honda World Motocross: "I am really proud with the progress we have made over the winter as a team. We feel closer to Honda than we have ever been and feel that we have a built a really strong team around the foundations that we have laid down in previous seasons. Both our riders are in excellent shape and are enjoying their riding, which I think is really important. 2011 is a fresh start for us in many ways and we intend to make our mark on the World Championship.”