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‘Mechanical steeds and a fist full of dirt’

Guests’ expectations were more than fulfilled at ilabb’s second official ilabb and Fox ride day held on Saturday 2nd April.

The invite-only event was held at ilabb's very own private motorcross track; the ilabb sanctuary, which was created to host the handpicked group of iconic sports people and well-known personalities who had never-ever (or only very rarely) ridden a motocross bike before. The objective to showcase the sport to a new audience was clearly met with many guests leaving the track talking about buying bikes!

The guest list of 70 ranged from fashion-focused personalities such as Huffer’s Steve Dunstan through to the sporting scene with iconic sports personalities such as New Zealand drifter Mad Mike and top New Zealand BMX'er George Bolter. For most guests it was their first experience at a motorcross track let alone learning to ride a bike, while for the sporting gurus it was a chance to cross sports and enjoy shredding it in a different way.

To assist the virgin riders, the ilabb family including ilabbs branded athlete (ilabbproud) ‘Nick Saunders’ was on the ground ensuring everyone nailed the basics – from swinging a leg over, right through to jumping the triple. Motorcross PlayStation games were also available for folks to practice their technique on in between lessons. The whole day in the sun was topped off with a pumping soundtrack thanks to the Red Bull hummer.

ilabb really wanted to show case this event to support and help grow the motorcross industry, with getting a crowd of fresh faces to experience riding a motorcross bike first hand. "Motocross is often an inaccessible sport with only those heavily involved having the true experience, which is why we wanted to bring it a new group of people to encourage folks into the scene as both riders and spectators. This is our playground and we want to share it with people.” said Matt Saunders, ilabb creative director.

ilabb’s passion for motorcross was certainly infectious judging by the smiles on guests’ faces as they kicked it out on the tracks, grateful for the chance to have a taste of the sport in safe but thrilling environment.

For more information check out or to contact the ilabb family direct:  (09) 377 9432

Images supplied by Clinton Tudor.