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Bobryshev shows class with win in Faenza

Honda World Motocross rider Evgeny Bobryshev took the overall victory in the MX1 class and MX1 Elite class in the 2nd round of the Italian Championship in Faenza and in doing so has sent a strong message to his rivals ahead of the start of the world championship next month.

Racing against many of the regular world championship protagonists – including reigning World Champion Antonio Cairoli, former champion David Philippaerts, Steven Frossard, Tanel Leok and Davide Guarneri – Bobryshev took 3rd in the first moto before winning the second moto in dominant style to take the overall victory.

Moto 1: Bobryshev got out of the gate well and capitalised on his strong track position to put in solid lap after solid lap as he dialled himself into the hard-pack Italian track. Growing in pace throughout the 25min + 2 lap moto, he built towards an eventual podium position. Team mate Rui Gonçalves also got away well but began to suffer from arm pump during the race duration. This would drop him down into 10th position by race finish.

Moto 2: Bobryshev led off the line, but was momentarily passed by Max Nagl early on. This was not to deter the young Russian, who put the pass back on him immediately and instantly put 3 seconds on the rest of the chasing field. From this position, Bobryshev controlled the race, riding smoothly and in a calculated fashion to take the win with ease. Team mate Gonçalves ran into difficulty once again, coming together with Philippaerts off the line and having to work his way back through the field to an eventual 8th position, but showing good pace in his charge through the pack.

Evgeny Bobryshev, Honda World Motocross:  "It feels great to beat these guys and win in a field as strong as this. I feel like I rode really well today and felt calm on the bike in both motos which allowed me to get into the flow. The bike is working really well and we seem to keep making good steps forward all the time. It feels like the training I have been doing has really started to pay off! I can’t wait to race again at the weekend and am really looking forward to the start of the world championship season. I am a little nervous but feel like once I get going that will all go and with the support of the team behind me, everything will be good.”

Moto 1:
1, Steven Frossard,      France,    Yamaha,     30'07.205
2, Tony Cairoli,              Italy,         KTM           30'15.614
3, Evgeny Bobryshev,   Russia,    Honda,       30'24.718
4, Davide Guarneri,      Italy,         Kawasaki,   30'26.718
5, Tanel Leok,               Estonia,   TM,             30'48.974

Moto 2:
1, Evgeny Bobryshev,   Russia,     Honda,      29'50.530
2, Max Nagl,                 Germany,  KTM,         29'53.367
3, Tony Cairoli,              Italy,          KTM,         29'55.104
4, David Philippaerts,    Italy,         Yamaha,    29'55.829  
5, Kevin Strijbos,           Belgium,   Suzuki
Overall classification: 
1, Evgeny Bobryshev,   Russia,     Honda,       80 - 120 - 200
2, Tony Cairoli,              Italy,         KTM ,       100 - 80 - 180
3, Steven Frossard,      France,    Yamaha    120 - 50 - 170
4, Davide Guarneri,      Italy,         Kawasaki    65 - 55 - 120
5, David Philippaerts,   Italy,         Yamaha,     50 - 65 - 115
6, Kevin Strijbos,          Belgium,  Suzuki         45 - 60 - 105
7, Max Nagl,                 Germany, KTM,           0 - 100 -100