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from ... Brandon Tipene

Not an event we do every year but decided to do it this year because of the new bike and more time to ride it in a race situation the better. Arrived quite early to check the trackout. Looked like conditions were going to be very dry and the track was well water so knew by the 2nd 3rd round the track would be awesome.

We entered 2 classes for the day but decided just to run the 250F. Class was very small with only around 12 riders on the gate which was disappointing. Going by the programme looked like Jacob Kneebone, Liam Underwood would be Brandons biggest threat.

Race 1: Got an average start. Wasn' use to the concrete start so wheel spun off the gate. Managed tobulley his way to 2nd by the corner which was good. As they came around for the first lap noticed Brandon was no where to be seen. Around a minute later he came around. Bike looked very bent up but to his credit he kept going and managed get get a 6th place. Got back to the pits and the bike wasn't looking pretty. Managed to straighten out the bars but left the sub frame and pipe. (New Procircuit bummer). Brandon had a sore wrist but was keen to carry on. (Must have got his hardness from me). Told me he had a collison with Jacob and was his own fault so a good lesson to be learn't.

Race 2: Changed his starting technique on the gate and it worked great. Grabbed the holeshot and cleared out for the win. Bike was running great and softened the suspension up. Liam and Chase had problems so 2nd was Jacob and 3rd Garth Amrein

Race 3: Another holeshot and win. Same as the second race. Seems to be the more time we have on the bike the better it seems to get. 2nd overall for the day which was excellent considering the first race. Good win for Jacob and Garth picking up 3rd.

Thanks to all our sponsors and also to Ward family for putting up with us on Friday night.