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from ... Micah McGoldrick

Hey Guys, how are ya ?

For the last 2 months I have been travelling up and down NZ racing the 2011 Backflip NZ Supercross Championship. It all on started with the First Round at Tokoroa on the 10 of December 2010. They had changed the track a bit so I was looking forward to riding it. I finished second overall for the day. I felt that was a good start to the championship and also having bike issues that night so I was happy with that finish.

Racing started up again with Motocross. The event was Summercross and I was excited and pumped to see the CMR Team there. The track was mean and the design flowed really good. I raced my 125 in the 12-15 age group. First 2 motos I was getting bad starts and having to come through the pack. Last moto I got the holeshot and checked out. I finished 2nd overall. Thanks to Martin for doing my gate and the team for an awesome days racing.

Next it was Mason's track and the event was called Supercross Open. Racing was fun and wicked to watch. I wasn’t feeling right all night and racing didn’t go that well. Bad starts, crashing, off the pace. I finished 3rd and was happy to make it through the night and be on the box with my KTM 125.

Taupo and 2011 .It’s the second round and the first time Taupo have run the Supercross. Its was fun and exciting to ride and see a new track in NZ. I thought the track was allright but they could of made it better. Racing didn’t go to plan at Taupo with bad luck and too many mistakes. I lost a lot of points but for the day I finished 3rd for the day and 2nd overall in the North Island Supercross Championship. The Taupo Club put on an awesome event.

Back to the 'mainland' and had a lot of points to catch up within 2 rounds. Motueka, home of Josh Coppins and the 'rat track'. I always in enjoy this track because it’s been there for soo long and the track design is just fun. Saturday was the first round of the South Island Champs and for the day I finished 3rd overall because I crashed and came together with riders. Sunday, third round and wanting to win bad. I had good day and racing went well with me winning the overall. I was still behind on points so Timaru has to be a good one.

Timaru, the last round of the 2011 Backflips Supercross Championship and the last round of the South Island Champs. They had a new tracks with new dirt, more jumps and a long whoop section. Timaru always put on a good event so I was pumped to ride in Timaru. Saturday racing went really well with me winning all my motos and 1st overall for the South Island Champs. Sunday I needed a lot of luck to win, with only 5 riders in the class. Plan was just win. Racing went well and I won the day but not the Championship.

Overall I finished 2nd in the Championship behind Dion with Campbell King in 3rd. I learnt a lot racing this year in Supercross and for next year I know what I need to do different. Thanks heaps too you all for support me. Can't say thankyou enough.

See ya all at the races.  Micah.