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Woodville GP - MXDK Rockstar Yamaha MX Team's Big Day Out .

What a day for Rockstar Yamaha MX Team with 4 top podiums at Manawatu-Orion’s Grand Prix International 2011.

  • Setting success for future racing here in New Zealand and Australia, Josh Coppins sealed MX1 win going 1-1, plus the Invitation International.
  • Riding MX2 and Vets, Darryll King showed nothing less than strength and experience, winning both classes.
  • Winning his first Grand Prix, Ethan Martens took out the 125cc class, capping off an amazing result for the Team.
  • Hayden Clark finished a credible 7th, which he’s set to improve on in the up-coming NZ MX Nationals.

                              Darryll King. Photo courtesy of Dick Koers

For Moto-Media, Sharon Cox caught up with Josh, DK, Ethan and Hayden, to see how it all came together. 

Josh Coppins:  "It was a good day for me but mostly for Yamaha. I was happy to win in front of my Australian team and Yamaha NZ's Peter Payne.        

So far it's been a successful campaign in New Zealand but I have to keep concentrating and try to find more pace and speed to improve another step leading up to the NZ MX Nationals and then Oz Nationals."

Darryll King: "I was so happy to have our Rockstar Yamaha riders win all the main senior classes and Josh win the international feature race. Yamaha have fantastic bikes and we have a great setup at the moment with all our bikes. Josh and Ethan are so determined and only want the best out of the day. It’s a pleasure to have them riding for my team

"I enjoyed my riding and surprised myself with my starts in MX2 and had some of the fastest lap times in each race. I would love to race the MX Nationals in MX2 after yesterdays riding. It was great to be part of the 50th anniversary of Woodville. My first race here was in 1985 so I've done my laps around there. Track conditions were very easy this year. The track was flat and graded often which really didn't suit me. It was neat to win the MX2 class at my age and not take any risks or over riding to achieve the win."

A delighted Josh Coppins punches the air when luck favours him and he wins the Invitational. Photo courtesy of Dick Koers.

Ethan Martens: "I’ve finally won a Senior GP Title. It was a great track this year and I rode really well. Huge thanks to everyone in the Team. It is cool to have Josh and DK to get advice from. DK and Josh both finished 2nd in the World's twice and they have experience and knowledge to help me be a World Champion contender someday."

Hayden Clark: "I did not go into the race with my bike set up how it should have been. My 7th placing is not where I wanted to be. I will be at the practice track everyday this week to work on my weaknesses to be ready for the NZMX Champs."





                                                                                                                Ethan Martens. Photo courtesy of Dick Koers.