Moto Media

with ... Marc de Reuver

Q: You had surgery last Friday, how are things going now?

A: I still have both arms so I think everything is ok. Things are going well. On February, the 17th I have to visit doctor Claes again and then we know more.

Q: This injury comes at a wrong moment for you. Can you make it in time before the first Grand Prix?

A: That's difficult to say right now. I have only ridden twice after the final Dutch Open round at Harfsen. We have to wait and see. Of course I am the comeback king (Laughs).

Q: You ended the season strong last year. You were motivated in the wintertime and now you are out again.

A: The old Marc was back again. I kept pushing till the end of the race. At the second moto in Harfsen I passed Evgeny Bobryshev in the second to last corner. We had already planned the operation on my hip so I needed to rest for several weeks. After that I needed another operation on my hip so this cost me a lot of time. I had to stay of the bike in Spain but I wanted to ride that bad that I went out on the track.

Q: You tested the Yamaha in Spain. Are you satisfied about the bike?

A: The Yamaha is a great bike and I am looking forward to ride it again.

Q: The competition in the MX1 class is getting stronger every year. You proved that you can race inside of the top ten. What can you do in this class this year?

A: Yes the MX1 class is really strong. There are a lot of riders who are going for it. To ride in this class with a lot of injuries behind you isn't easy. But I am motivated and I always come back.

Q: The Yamaha van Beers Team is one of the best teams in Holland. A lot of good riders have ridden there in the past. Are you happy with this team?

A: Yes I am really happy with Adri. He is a great person and is always listening to the riders. Talking is everything in a team and I have missed that last year.

Q: It will be a great season this year with a Dutch rider who is a title contender in the MX2 class. Who are your top three riders in both classes this year?

A: 1 Roczen (sorry Jeffrey, I hope you show me that I am wrong). 2 Jeffrey, 3 Paulin. MX1 Cairoli, 2 Philippaerts, 3 Nagl.

Q: It is a shame that the Grand Prix of Lierop is cancelled….

A: Yes that's a shame for sure. Lierop is a race where Dutch riders can do well. Lierop is oldschool with the spectators close to the circuit. I like that! I hope the GP in Lierop will be back soon.