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James Stewart

2011 Veterans Motocross of Nations

All classes will remain the same as in 2010 Vets MXoN and the entry fee will be £120 / 132 Euros. The format is a team event, with countries sending four riders to compete against each other on historic Twinshock bikes.

2011 Classes:

1 - Twinshock A Unlimited cc
2 - Twinshock B Unlimited cc
3 - Twinshock Over 50
4 - Evo 125/250 cc
5 - Evo 500 cc
6 - International Vets Cup Modern
7a - Twinshock 4 Stroke
7b - Evo Pre 85 Unlimited cc
9 - MXdN

In 2010 guests of honour' were Dave Thorpe, Eric Geboers and Jeff Leisk. Other greats who rode were Graham Noyce, Herbert Shmitz, Mark/ Paul Karsmakers, Neil Prince, Neil Hudson, Werner De Wit, Rob Andrews, Pete Mathia and around 250 others from England, USA, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Northern Ireland, France, Portugal, South Africa, Italy and Germany.

Imagine trying to pick a NZ Team nominees .... and in alpha order;  Bevan Weal, Craig Brown, Damien King, Daniel Scrimgeour, Darren Capill, Darryll King, Mike Cotter, Mitch Rowe, Mosten Wadsworth, Nigel Gainfort, Shayne King, Tony Cooksley, , ,  plus, plus ??????   I hope I have not offended anyone ?

Pictured below is one of the 2010 events courtesy of Farleigh Castle.