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Josh Coppins - the NZ Supercross Open Champion for 2011

It was a Man v Man format and in the points they both picked up a 1st and a 2nd in the first two races however the challenge did not eventuate with Justin having a 0 in the last race and Josh taking 20, so winning the Senior Open Championship by 30. points.

Obviously I was not there and confused as to how Justin scored a 0 when he was only half a second behind Josh ? It's also too late to ring anybody. 

On the day for Round 4 it was Josh Coppins 57, Michael Pillips 45, Cody Cooper 43.   

South Island Championship (Rnds 3&4): Josh Coppins 109, Justim McDonald 104, Michael Phillips 84.

NZ Open SuperX Championship:  Josh Coppins 218, Justin McDonald 188, Cody Cooper 178.




SuperX Lites Class

Round 4 was very close with Nick Saunders finishing only 1 point behind Craig Smith. However Smith already held a 32 point lead so finished with 33.  Peter Broxholme was 3rd.


Dion Picard is the Champion. It's been a close Championship between Dion and Micah McGoldrick and only 11 points in it at the end.



Josiah Natzke won 11 of 12 races to win by 38 points.

MyLaps results courtesy of MX Timing Ltd in the North Island and Timing Tech in the South Island for Motorcycling NZ.