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Australian MX Nationals - Round 7 at Shepparton VIC

MX2 - Caleb Ward makes it four in a row.

Caleb Ward / KTM 1st Overall 2015 MX Nationals / Round 7 / MX2 Australian Motocross Championships Shepparton VIC 19 July 2015 © Sport the library / Jeff Crow

KTM Australia’s Caleb Ward. Image – Jeff Crow / Explorer     Media

KTM Australia’s Caleb Ward has collected four overall wins in a row after today, proving once again he is close to unbeatable, at round seven of the MX Nationals in Shepparton.

After starting the morning in freezing conditions the Motul MX2 class were the first riders brave enough to take to the track for round seven, in what shaped up to be an action packed day of racing in country Victoria.

In moto one, series points leader Jay Wilson (JCR Yamaha) scored the first hole shot for the round, before SD3 Husqvarna’s Luke Arbon applied the pressure on the red plate holder for the race lead.

However it would be neither rider who would take the opening moto win.

After coming from an eighth place start, Kawasaki Australia’s Takeshi Katsuya managed to pass the likes of Wilson and Arbon, before moving into the race lead – one in which he did not relinquish.

The 35 year old former Japanese champ, checked out on the field, allowing any battles to happen behind him – collecting his first ever MX Nationals race win, ahead of KTM’s Caleb Ward and Husqvarna’s Nathan Crawford, who took second and third respectively.

In race number two, it was once again the red plate holder Jay Wilson who scored his second hole shot of the day, before Serco Yamaha’s Luke Clout launched to the race lead, setting the pair up for one of the greatest battles the class has dished out.

For 20 minutes, former teammates Clout and Wilson went head to head, and when the chequered flag flew, it was Clout who had the winning determination required – crossing this line ahead of Wilson, followed by KTM’s Caleb Ward who claimed third, on one of the most technical circuits on the MX Nationals calendar.

When points were tallied, a mere five points separated the top five for the round overall. Ward once again proving he has some serious momentum, taking round seven honors ahead of Kawasaki mounted Takeshi Katsuya in second, and JCR Yamaha’s Wilson who rounded out the podium in third.

Motul MX2 Round seven overall winner – Caleb Ward– KTM Racing Team (2nd, 3rd – 62 Points)

"It’s awesome to get another overall that’s for sure,” he said.

"In that second race, I actually didn’t realise I was in third position and I hadn’t been reading my pit board so I was a bit surprised when I came in.

"The track was really tough today, it got really technical out there so I’m happy to come away with the overall.

"I have to give a massive thanks to KTM and all of my sponsors for helping me out, I can’t thank them enough for today.”

Motul MX2 round seven overall points

1) Caleb Ward 62
2) Takeshi Katsuya 61
3) Jay Wilson 60
4) Luke Clout 59
5) Nathan Crawford 58
6) Jed Beaton 49
7) Dylan Wills 49
8) Luke Arbon 48
9) Riley Graham 43
10) Wade Hunter 41

Motul MX2 championship standings:

1) Jay Wilson 403
2) Luke Clout 397
3) Takeshi Katsuya 384
4) Jed Beaton 349
5) Wade Hunter 329
6) Luke Arbon 327
7) Caleb Ward 311
8) Nathan Crawford 292
9) Geran Stapleton 277
10) Dylan Wills 273


MX1 - Domination for CDR Yamaha’s Cade Mosig

Kade Mosig / Yamaha 1st Overall 2015 MX Nationals / Round 7 / MX1 Australian Motocross Championships Shepparton VIC 19 July 2015 © Sport the library / Jeff Crow

CDR Yamaha’s Kade Mosig Image – Jeff Crow / Explorer Media

CDR Yamaha’s Kade Mosig has returned to the podium in Shepparton today, taking the number one position, in what was an eventful round seven for the Monster Energy MX1 Class.

With riders forced to brave below freezing conditions, the MX1 class tackled the Shepparton circuit, in what formed up to be one of the most technical tracks on the 2015 calendar.

In moto one, it was CDR Yamaha’s Dan Reardon who claimed the first hole shot of the day, before going head to head with team mate Kade Mosig in what looked to be a repeat of round three.

Reardon, who looked comfortable in the number one position early in the moto, held the race lead until the charge of DPH Motorsports Lawson Bopping proved too strong – taking the race lead from Reardon, leaving the CDR team mates to battle for second.

However Mosig and Reardon’s respect for each other was showcased in moto one, Mosig inheriting second place when Reardon went down after the 15 minute mark.

With a clear track ahead of him, Mosig set his sights on Bopping and in one swift move the lead was his. Mosig then carried his confident momentum to the finish line, claiming the opening race honors ahead of KTM Motocross Racing Team duo Luke Styke and Kirk Gibbs who took second and third respectively.

In race two, the battle of the day was had with NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Monea and CDR Yamaha’s Dan Reardon.

With six changes to the race lead across 30 minutes, Monea managed to get the job done for the Victorians, eventually crossing the line first ahead of Reardon – in what was a performance for the fans.

With Reardon finishing in second place, third was collected by teammate Kade Mosig.

When the overall points for round seven were calculated, CDR Yamaha returned to the podium with Mosig collecting his second overall win for 2015 ahead of NPS Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Monea, followed by series leader Kirk Gibbs (KTM Motocross Racing Team) who finished the round in third.

Monster Energy MX1 round seven overall winner – Kade Mosig – CDR Yamaha (1st, 3rd – 65 Points)

"I just did what I had to do today, and a one, three result is my best result in this class, and we’re taking steps forward,” he said.

"I’m really happy with the result and we’re working towards going one, one and having a perfect day.

"We made some good championship points this weekend, and I’m really happy.

"The whole team – Dacka, Brad, Mike, they work really hard and they give me an awesome package so it’s day’s like these that it’s awesome that I can reward them with a win.”

Monster Energy MX1 round seven overall points:

1) Kade Mosig 65
2) Adam Monea 60
3) Kirk Gibbs 58
4) Luke Styke 57
5) Daniel Reardon 54
6) Jesse Dobson 52
7) Lawson Bopping 51
8) Dylan Long 47
9) Cody Cooper 46
10) Kale Makeham 41

Monster Energy MX1 championship points:

1) Kirk Gibbs 471
2) Luke Styke 408
3) Kade Mosig 397
4) Adam Monea 394
5) Lawson Bopping 375
6) Daniel Reardon 340
7) Jesse Dobson 338
8) Dylan Long 331
9) Cody Cooper 313
10) Kale Makeham 262