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Australian MX Grand Prix?

Photo: Jeff Crow

Geoff Myer:
Speaking to Kevin Williams the promoter of the Australian Motocross Grand Prix’s in 2000 and 2001 this morning and it seems that he is more than interested in putting together a package to bring the MXGP and MX2 riders to Australia.

Williams who is very passionate about the sport and will be having talks with local governments in the coming months about the possibility of government support, something that is needed to bring riders like Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings to Australia.

Williams who already has government support for his Australian motocross championships is as always confident they can put something together, but support from the government is imperative to make it work.

Kevin Williams: We would love to run an Australian GP again. I mean it was a highlight to run those two GPs back in 2000 and 2001, and to have guys like Stefan Everts and Joel Smets racing here. It also gave guys like Chad Reed, Andrew McFarlane and Michael Byrne the chance to show off their talents. For the sport in general in Australia, another Australian Grand Prix would be massive.

GM: Williams also knows that with Australia well represented in the FIM Motocross World Championships the Australian motocross public are into the GP series as much as ever.

KW: At the moment we have guys like Todd Waters and Dean Ferris riding in the GPs and that brings a lot of interest with the Australian public. I think 2015 will also be huge with Ryan Villopoto racing the GP’s, so the Australian motocross fans will be watching more than ever. Everyone in Australia is talking about that, it’s a good time for Youthstream.

GM: Williams is also having talks with the Broadford circuit in the coming weeks (the very same circuit that hosted the 2000 and 2001 GP rounds). Broadford has been given a huge bonus from the local Government to upgrade the circuit.

The State Motorcycle Sports Complex has secured a major upgrade worth $550,000 from the State Government of Victoria, which will allow the facility to attract more riders and visitors and world-class motorcycling sporting events to Broadford.

For Williams, Broadford is one of the favourite circuits to run the Australian Grand Prix, although he also has his eyes on circuits in other states in Australia.

"Of course Broadford is one of the main circuits in Australia, but we also look at circuits in South Australia and Queensland. I am also having talks with the governments in those states. Unfortunately we don’t really have a circuit in New South Wales that could run a Grand Prix, and I mean that in the area around the circuits doesn’t have the space to comply with the rules Youthstream set, unless we went to Eastern Creek (a road racing facility), but to be honest I would prefer to go to a circuit with really good natural terrain, and a circuit that is currently in use in the Australian Motocross Championship.”

What Williams is sure about is the Australian public are ready for an Australian Grand Prix and he will do everything in his powers to make it happen as quickly as possible.