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Catch-up with Cody Cooper

NZ’s Motocross Champion Cody Cooper (Team Honda Shop Racing) is looking forward to pre-race mode, excited to get back on the bike and focused on defending his MX1 Title in the up-coming NZ MX season Championships.

Having been forced to take R&R recovering from knee surgery, Cody admits the past few months has been a testing time for not being able to complete Australia’s MX Nationals and not being able to ride.

Cody's Australian bike with Penrite Honda - photo motoonline / mxnationals

Cody: "It’s been hard. I’ve never had to deal with something like this. Before this year I have only had minor injuries. But other than that, I am happy to be where I’m at now."

The toll of taking on board time off bike yields its own level of frustration for any rider- how has Cody managed to deal with this?

Cody: "I’d say frustration of not being fit, not being able to ride and race has been the hardest part of all. Being off the bike is annoyingly challenging for me, but it has its flip side. It will be great to get back on the bike and I’ll have a lot more fun racing throughout the season."

Getting back to peak fitness is uppermost in Cody’s mind with a training programme already mapped out for on and off the bike. No stranger to hitting peak form at just the right time, Cody is on target.

Key for heading into 2015 NZ MX Championship is having the right Team set-up and supportive people who are committed to helping achieve the rider’s MX goals. Heads up for Cody is his Team Honda Shop Racing, bike and as much commitment from support persons as he could wish for.

Cody: "Yes, I have an awesome Team set-up with Honda Shop Racing. We have a very good starting point from winning the 2014 MX1 Title. My Team will do what it takes to win heading into NZ’s MX Championship season."

Cody's Team Honda Shop Racing bike. Photo - Nikita Gillard