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Who got the MXoN holeshots?

Youthstream's Nikki Scott:  "The first five seconds of each race was mega interesting. The circuit of Kegums beholds one of the most challenging first corners in the world. The turn is a complete 180 degree’s, it’s a right hander and it comes off of a very fast straight. This means riders would be coming in fast and braking hard. With the sand surface holding a lot of grip, riders can be aggressive too. But what was the biggest challenge? Probably the fact that it is a right hand turn, and it’s a 180 degree one at that. This means the riders don’t have easy access to their rear brake, yet they have to turn sharp. Rectifying a mistake such as misjudging the entrance speed and coming in too hot becomes more difficult and bike stabilization is also hindered too. Nevertheless, out of the three races, three riders would make it around the first turn first, which is a amazing feat on it’s own. To reward the hot starters, our long-term partners at FOX decided to award each FOX Holeshot receiver with a whopping €1000 per holeshot. So whose pockets just got a little heavier?" 

MXoN 2014 Race 1 Fox Holeshot

MXoN 2014 Race 2 Fox Holeshot

MXoN 2014 Race 3 Fox Holeshot