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So you don't do Facebook eh?

Yes there 's a lot of crap but if you are selective as to who you 'follow' you can be much better informed.  It's also faster to post on Facebook than creating a story like this on this website.  iPhone and Android phones account for most of the traffic. 

For example, after the Pukekohe Motorcycle Club's Committee Meeting on Tuesday night I ran the following on Moto-Media's Facebook page which has 1825 'Likes' and tagged the Club's page which has 1747 'likes'. That's a potential audience of 3572 people who might view it - that's if they are on Facebook. Yes, there are a lot of crossovers, meaning followers of both sites.

This is a screen grab of what appeared - split into three as too big.

You can see it had 33 'Shares' and what that means is 33 readers shared it onto their own Facebook page. 

For instance Robynne Watson's MX Antix has 3703 Likes and the Coach she uses, Greg Moss of the Moss Institute of Motocross and Supercross Coaching in Australia, also shared it.  Moss Inst. has 368,609 likes, so the audience grows rapidly. 

19,240 people reached, means either scrolled through it or read it.  In the time I have been writing this, has grown to 19,272 as at 12 noon today.

Soo, what I am getting at, is you wouldn't know about this 'cos you don't do Facebook !!  

P.S: I stand to be corrected on the fine detail but you get my drift?