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Catch-up with the Kiwis heading into Round 6 of the Aussie MX Champs

Hamish Harwood - Photo: Jeff Crow / Explorer Media

Hamish Harwood:

SC: What will be your focus heading into Round 6?

Hamish: Focus for Rnd 6 is to get some good starts and run up front in both motos. I really want to try and step it up this second half, but I also know all the other riders will do the same. It will be tough because the competition is so good.

I’ve been working on my starts on a concrete pad I’ve put up on my grandparents property, and I feel they are better.

Fitness wise, I’ve been doing a lot of running up stairs and I feel overall fitness is better too.

Bring on the next 5 Rounds!

Kayne Lamont - Photo: Jeff Crow / Explorer Media.

Kayne Lamont:

SC: What will you aim for heading into Round 6….and how have you prepared for the final rounds ending September 1st?

Kayne: My focus is to get 2 solid finishes and finish at least in top 3.

I’ve been trying to recover from injury from Round 5 so I haven’t been in my usual routine. I’ve tried to ride as much as I can, looking forward to get back racing.

Rhys Carter - Photo: Jeff Crow / Explorer Media.

Rhys Carter

SC: Rookie season on Team Motul Suzuki. Rhys, how has this opportunity to race MX1 under such an awesome team gone so far?

Rhys: The most pleasing thing for me is how I have gelled with my bike and Team. Everything has been working well, and my results are good which is really positive. Heading into the last 5 rounds I want to continue to stay consistent and finish the season in the top 5.