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Catch up ... with Jeffrey Herlings

Jeffrey Herlings had probably his toughest GP victory in his career last weekend as he went 2-1 and claimed yet another GP win. The Dutchman had bad starts and struggled in the difficult conditions. Here are his comments from the podium press conference on Saturday night.

Jeffrey, you got the win, but are you unhappy about the performance? How do you feel?

I made it tough for myself. I had terrible starts and it was just me, not the bike. Jordi had some good starts and I had good starts on Friday, so it’s just me and I need to improve that. I haven’t spent much time on the bike in the last six months, like the shoulder problems then my leg, and it was difficult to come through the pack. The first moto I was close to winning and second moto it was again difficult to pass and my riding wasn’t good at all and I really wasn’t happy with that. I will go home to Holland and ride a little more. Try and regroup and train. I will be stronger soon and get some better results.

Getting this GP out of the way and a little more bike time, that will obviously help you for a better performance in Thailand next weekend, or not?

I think Thailand is better for passing. In Qatar it was hard to pass and the track in Thailand will be more difficult. I am seven points ahead in the championship points, and got the overall and I will go to Thailand and put KTM back on the box.

You had to fight hard for your wins, a lot of guys kept you thinking?

Second moto Febvre passed me and I am not used to that and I have respect for him he is a clean rider. I had to work hard to get him back. I noticed I missed that extra five minutes at the end of the race, but I will get used to it.

Do you feel like you are a giant and all these guys are like little people trying to stick pins in you and pull you down?

For sure (it is difficult being the top guy), the other competitors are all trying to beat me or pass me and I know that. I have won two titles in a row and won a lot of GPs and its hard with the pressure, but it’s my job and I have a great team behind me and I am sure I can do it and if I stay injury free I should be okay and I got it on top of the box and I just need more time to ride.

What about Max Anstie and his performance. Did he surprise you?

Max (Anstie) rode a great GP, I was closing on him and I was three or four seconds off, but I came from 15th and he took the holeshot, his bike is really strong, maybe the strongest bike out there and he is coming from a slower bike in the Suzuki to the bike he has this year. He did a great job and obviously DNFed both motos, but at the end of the day I won and that’s in the books.

What made the circuit difficult, to come back from your bad starts?

I had big problems overtaking the riders, couldn’t find lines and was riding badly. When I came in after the second moto the team said I did a good job, but I didn’t, I told them I didn’t do a good job. I am used to beating these guys easily and it’s strange battling hard against them. I just need more time and I want to be better