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Catch up ... with Jordi Tixier

A young Frenchman with a lot of potential and he has learnt a lot from the Red Bull KTM Factory team-manager Stefan Everts.

We caught up to Tixier and asked him what his chances are in 2014 and how can he beat his team-mate Jeffrey Herlings.

You are the second guy behind Jeffrey (Herlings), can you be the number one guy in 2014?

I don’t know, it is my goal. I had a good winter and good training and we improved the bike and I am faster. It is only the first Grand Prix’s, but I will do everything I can to do it.

Everyone says that it’s hard to beat Jeffrey, because he is such a big talent. What do you need to do to beat him? Is it possible?

Yes, for sure. Jeffrey is a big talent, he went to the GP really young, and it is not easy to beat him, but I think it is possible. My goal this year is to race him and beat him a couple of times.

Did you do something nice in the winter? A nice holiday or something?

In winter I went to Spain for holiday for 10 days, unfortunately I was sick for a week, so I lost some time just laying in bed. Then we had the pre-season races in Italy and also an International in France, and I am happy about my speed and I won in France so that was good.

Do you like these big races in Qatar and Thailand?

I like Qatar and Thailand, it’s a long way from home. It is very warm, and that is a big thing for me as I am not that good in the warmer weather. Last year I put too much pressure on myself in these two races and I didn’t do so well. I want to just enjoy racing this year and see how it goes and where I am with my speed.

Footnote:  Tixier went 7th, 7th this morning at Losail in Qatar, for an 8th overall.