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Bud Racing Kawasaki also involved in the USA in 2014

 As Bud Racing extends his business story in the USA with a racing shop in California, the team will now enter the 250 American Supercross series with Valentin Teillet.

Bud Racing Kawasaki also involved in the USA in 2014

Bud Racing is a company who like the challenges, and rather than staying in Grand’s Prix they’ve decided to move in the US Supercross series. This is a thoughtful decision, and it will allowed the team to continue to get strong results with their 250 Kawasaki Bud which already claimed two GP podiums this season with Dylan Ferrandis, but also two French Elite titles in 2012 and 2013. Dylan joined another Kawasaki team, but the Bud Racing team keeps Valentin Teillet; the Frenchman can’t race anymore the MX2 GP’s due to the age regulation, but he wants to stay in this class and will race the American Supercross series. He already got some good results in the European Supercross, and will enter the West coast series.

Valentin will fly to California in a few days, alongside Jacky Vimond the team’s trainer and his mechanic. He will be based in the Bud Racing USA workshop in California, and will be on January 4th in Anaheim (California) for the first round of the series. He will be back in France for the French Elite series, and Bud Racing will present later his 2014 European and French program.

Valentin Teillet: "It’s a new challenge for me and I put all my energy to be ready for it. I raced the GP’s during four seasons and I didn’t got the results I was expecting, so I enter now another challenge and I’m very happy to do it with Bud Racing. I know the bike and the team, as we are working together since two years now. I didn’t raced so many Supercross the past seasons as I was focused on Motocross, but since two years I did a few SX; I love this sport and I enjoyed riding Supercross. As many French riders I was dreaming to race one day the US Supercross, but I know that it’s a tough championship and I’m already working hard to prepare the season. I saw in Bercy, where I raced on a 250 among the 450, what I must improve; it’s difficult to reveal any goal, as I never raced on a US track that are different than the European ones. We’ll see when we’ll be in Anaheim for the first race!”

Stephane Dassé: "Honestly we were not very motivated to race another season the GP’s, so we took the decision to move to the US with Valentin. He will race the West Coast as our company is now located also in California. It’s a great challenge for us, but that’s only one part of our program as we’ll continue with the support of Kawasaki Europe to help young riders in the European 85 and MX2 programs. We have always work with promising kids, and we have with Jacky Vimond a great trainer to help them. Concerning the US program it’s like a dream for us to be there with Valentin, we’re happy to give him another chance, as he was not allowed to race anymore the MX2 GP’s.  Last summer we open a Bud Racing shop in the US and we’ll use it for the team. Valentin will come back in France to race the French Motocross and Supercross championships, as there is no conflict with the dates, and maybe he will also race a few rounds of the Motocross series in the US.”