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A4DE - Milner wins the final moto to take overall lead

In the final day of racing at the 2013 Harvey Fresh Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE), Daniel Milner has held onto his lead and won the event outright.

Daniel Milner (11:49.897) came into the fourth day with a seven second lead ahead of second placed rider Peter Boyle. Milner finished first in his class and first overall after four days.

It has been a solid week for Milner in which he showed to be very strong and determined to win.

"Today was great. It was a lot of fun and the test was pretty fast as well. I thought it would be a bit longer. It was harder this year than last year. I have had lot of great battles between Phillips and me. I have pushed harder every day. I feel pretty good. My chest still hurts a bit from the crash from yesterday, but overall I have really enjoyed this year’s four day and I am happy with the results. ”

The battle was also on for Jessica Gardiner and Emelie Karlsson. Jessica finished first today with a time of 13:02.718. Followed by Jemma Wilson (13:26.516) and  Emelie Karlsson (13:30.834). Emelie Karlsson finished first in the Women’s class after four days.

"Jessica did a great job today. I tried to play it a bit safe today, as I had heaps to loose. So I tried to minimize my mistakes and just stay up. I have had some dramas last year and it is good to be back. It feels really good to have won this year’s four day and I would like to thank the organisation for putting together this great event.” enjoyed the event and had had a lot of fun.”

Damian Smith was ruling the Veterans class and won today with less than a second lead to Kirk Hutton, followed by Matt Dumigan.

Geoff Ballard (12:41.268), who won the final moto in the Masters class was happy with his performance and managed to fight off Trean Lean to take the lead. Ian Jenner followed closely after. 

With the 2013 Harvey Fresh Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) now over, competitors are now looking towards the Australian Off-Road Championship rounds 9 and 10 which will be held in Wedderburn (Victoria) and the International Six Day Enduro held in Italy.

The provisional results for Day Four:  

1. Daniel Milner
2. Peter Boyle
3. Tom McCormack


1. Matthew Phillips

2. Chris Hollis
3. Joshua Green

1. Geoff Braico
2. Ben Grabham
3. Mitch Bowen<//span>

1. Geoff Ballard
2. Trent Lean
3. Ian Jenner

1. Damian Smith
2. Kirk Hutton
3. Matt Dumigan

1. Jessica Gardiner
2. Jemma Wilson
3. Emelie Karlsson

Courtesy of Peggy Tuinstra, Media Officer with Motorcycling Australia