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No Western Australia or Tasmania in 2011 Australian Motocross Championship

WEM statement regarding the Australian Motocross Championship courtesy of Erin Lagoudakis from MA.

Here at WEM we are extremely proud of what has been achieved throughout the 2010 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals.
While there were many positive improvements to the Series, some standouts are:

  • Welcoming Rockstar Energy Drink on board as the naming sponsor of the Series for three years
  • 16 one-hour television programs in prime time on Fuel TV
  • The addition of Suzuki RACESAFE Medial Team at every round.

While many businesses have struggled in these difficult economic times, WEM are proud to announce that all three Championship classes operated at full capacity during the 2010 Season, and despite all odds we saw an increase in crowd figures of around 12.5 per cent.

New racing formats trialled throughout the year increased the intensity of the Championship battles and WEM would like to thank the Motorcycling Australia Motocross Commission for their support and faith in our direction of the Series.

As the World continues to come to grips with the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many people are expecting the next 18 months to be even tougher on families and industries.

At WEM we were overwhelmed by the efforts of so many, in such difficult times, to continue to participate in the sport they love.
At the final rounds of the Series, we spent time speaking with privateers and their families about their situation, and how we can help them remain part of the sport at a National level.

It became apparent many were concerned with potential loss of jobs if they take too much time off and the financial difficulties associated with travelling large distances and keeping up with the latest bike modifications to remain competitive.

Armed with this knowledge, and knowing the industry is also facing some very tough times, WEM have made a number of critical decisions regarding the future of the Championship. In 2011 the Series will feature nine rounds, and these rounds will be:

  • Round 1 Broadford VIC 6 March
  • Round 2 Raymond Terrace NSW 20 March
  • Round 3 Appin NSW 10 April
  • Round 4 Murray Bridge SA NSW 8 May
  • Round 5 Toowoomba QLD 22 May
  • Round 6 Coonabarabran NSW 19 June
  • Round 7 Albury Vic 3 July
  • Round 8 Moree NSW 23/24 July (possible two day event) Vets
  • Round 9 Coolum QLD 30/31 July (two day event Grand finale) Vets

WEM understands that members of the Motocross community will be very disappointed with the decision not to include Tasmania and Western Australia. It was only after much consultation with privateers and their families, and with the overall best interest of the Series, the Sport, and the Industry in mind, that we were able to make the tough call. WEM are currently investigating travel assistance for privateers entering the full Series who live in Tasmania and Western Australia to support them through these times – more information regarding this will be announced in the coming months. At present it is unclear when the Championship will be able to return to these states, just as it is unclear how the GFC will continue to affect competitors and the industry, yet we remain positive that when the economy allows we will be able to take the Series out West and across the Strait once again.

Looking ahead WEM is excited to announce several new initiatives it is considering for the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals. Proposed Standardised formats:

  • Under 19’s and Pro Lites classes to run two x two back-to-back races at all rounds
  • Pro Open to run four x four back-to-back races at each round
  • Under 19’s will have open qualifying at all rounds with the top 20 riders, seeded after round one
  • Pro Lites and Pro Opens continue to run with 40 riders in each class
  • WEM will continue to work hard with its partners, the industry, and Motorcycling Australia, to continue to grow the Championship.

Finally, WEM would like to extend a massive thank-you to all the riders, teams, families, clubs, volunteers, fans, and Sponsors for their phenomenal support in 2010.

Kind regards
Kevin Williams
Williams Event Management