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Round 4 of the Australasian Supercross, Auckland.

Josh Hansen dominates in Auckland

Official release and photos courtesy of Global Action Sports. 

America’s Josh Hansen (#25) has won the fourth 
round of the MonsterEnergy Super X championship at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland, winning three of four races in the Quad Challenge final. 

The event had its fair share of thrills and spills with the great track providing a fast and technical start and many line options. Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Hansen, who went into the round leading the championship after three runner up finishes, was dominant all night with the fastest qualifying and three holeshots in the final. CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont (#2) was the only rider able to grab a race off him in the final moto. 

Hansen was first overall with three wins and one third, Marmont was second with two third places, one second and one first, and Rockstar Motul Suzuki’s Jake Moss claimed third overall with three second places and one third. 

Hansen extended his championship lead to put him 32 points ahead of Marmont and Jake Moss moves into third overall. 

Josh Hansen:  "I am super stoked to get the win. I would have loved to win all four, but I guess I can’t be greedy. I am so happy Monster Energy was able to bring me out here for Super X because I am loving this place, the series and the people.” 

Jay Marmont:  "It’s a relief to finally get a win and I enjoyed racing tonight. I finally got the start I wanted to in the final race and it paid off.” 

Jake Moss: "It feels good to be on the podium and I am really happy with the way I rode tonight. I really want to thank my team and family for all the support they have given me.”

New Zealand supercross star Ben Townley (#101) had a very unlucky fall in his heat race and was forced to withdraw from the event with a suspected hip injury. (Editor: hip dislocation ?)

The Lites final once again kept the fans on the edge of their seat with America’s PJ Larsen the eventual overall winner in the Triple Challenge. He rode himself in to two first places and one third. His team mate for JDR Motorex KTM, Ryan Marmont, finished second overall with one second and two fourths and Luke Styke third overall with one third and two, sixth places. 

Matt Moss had a collision with Kawasaki Racing Team Cool Air Conditioning’s Luke Arbon in the second moto and was unable to start his bike until the final lap to finish. He finished fourth overall. 

Larsen now moves into first place in the championship, nine points ahead of Moss. Marmont sits in third.  
The series now heads south to Dunedin for the fifth round at Carisbrook stadium on Saturday November 20. 

All riders spared a thought for young rider Harley Quinlan, who had a severe crash during training during the week, with all of them wishing him and his family well. 

Pro Open Podium:  L to R: Jay Marmont/Josh Hansen/Jake Moss

Ben Townley

Cody Cooper

P.J. Larsen

OPEN top ten results – Round 4
1.    Josh HANSEN - Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki: 25,25,25,20 TOTAL: 95
2.    Jay MARMONT - CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 20, 22, 20, 25 TOTAL: 87
3.    Jake MOSS - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 22,20,22,22 TOTAL 86
4.    Tye SIMMONDS - JDR Motorex KTM: 18,18,16,15 TOTAL 67
5.    Daniel McCOY - Coastal KTM Motorex Team: 13,15,12,16 TOTAL 56
6.    Cody COOPER – Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 15,16,8,13 TOTAL 52
7.    Todd WATERS – Cougar Bourbon Thor Honda: 11,14,7,18 TOTAL 50
8.    Mike ALESSI – JDR Motorex KTM: 16,12,15,5 TOTAL 48
9.    Daniel REARDON - Cougar Bourbon Honda Thor Racing: 14,6,18,8 TOTAL 46
10.    Mason PHILLIPS - Fly Team Green Kawasaki: 10,13,14,7 TOTAL 44 

OPEN top ten results – Top ten championship standings                  
1.    Josh HANSEN - Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki: 225
2.    Jay MARMONT - CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 193
3.    Jake MOSS - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 152
4.    Tye SIMMONDS - JDR Motorex KTM: 149
5.    Daniel REARDON - Cougar Bourbon Honda Thor Racing: 138
6.    Todd WATERS – Cougar Bourbon Thor Honda: 128
7.    Daniel McCOY - Coastal KTM Motorex Team:127
8.    Justin BRAYTON - Muscle Milk / Toyota JGRMX: 121
9.    Lewis WOODS – Top Gear KTM: 66
10.    Mike ALESSI – JDR Motorex KTM: 107

LITES top ten results – Round 4

1.    P J LARSEN - JDR Motorex KTM:  25,20,25 TOTAL 70
2.    Ryan MARMONT - JDR Motorex KTM: 18,22,18 TOTAL 58
3.    Luke STYKE – GTYR Rockstar Yamaha: 15,15,20 TOTAL 50
4.    Matt MOSS - Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 22,0,22 TOTAL 44
5.    Ford DALE – Serco Yamaha: 16,25,0 TOTAL 41
6.    Cody MACKIE - Kawasaki Racing Team Cool Air Conditioning: 9,14,15 TOTAL 38
7.    Nicholas SUTHERLAND – 12,10,12 TOTAL 34
8.    Steven CLARKE - Raceline Pirelli Suzuki:20,7,5 TOTAL 32
9.    Robbie MARSHALL - Yamaha: 3,12,14 TOTAL 29
10.    Josh CACHIA – Coastal KTM MX Rad: 13,16,0 TOTAL:29

LITES – Top ten championship standings 
1.    P J LARSEN - JDR Motorex KTM: 210
2.    Matt MOSS - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 201 
3.    Ryan MARMONT - JDR Motorex KTM: 176
4.    Cody MACKIE - Kawasaki Racing Team Cool Air Conditioning:136
5.    Lawson BOPPING - Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki: 130
6.    Steven CLARKE - Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 111
7.    Josh CACHIA – Coastal KTM MX Rad: 110
8.    Ford DALE – Serco Yamaha: 105
9.    Luke STYKE – GTYR Rockstar Yamaha:103
10.    Robbie MARSHALL – Yamaha: 102

Michelin Development Series – Top ten championship standings 
1.    Dylan LONG - KTM / Thor / Motorex / Michelin / One Industries: 75
2.    Jake EMANUELLI - Doyle & Shields Yamaha Bairnsdale / Fox: 58
3.    Jacob WRIGHT - Honda Jnr Development Team: 57
4.    Luke CLOUT - SS Racing / MX Rad / Pirelli / Fox / Link / Rockstar: 47
5.    Kurt WATERMAN - Spot On Racing / Bell / Troy Lee Designs / Dragon: 44
6.    Jarrad DAVIS - Davis Bikeworx / Motul / Fox / Alpinestar / Dunlop: 39
7.    Lenny MAGYAR - Canberra Motorcycle Centre: 34
8.    Meghan RUTLEDGE - Moss Institute / Southern Highlands M-c: 34
9.    James BOOTH-ELLIOTT - Loose Kid Industries / Ringmaster Images: 32
10.    Lincoln NICOL – Prorider Motorcycles / Factory Spec  MCD / Comac: 30