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from ... Mike Phillips

Round 4 Monster Energy SuperX

  • Location: Maitland NSW Australia
  • Date: 12th Nov
  • Bike/class: Honda CRF 450, Pro open
  • Format: 3x 8 lap races back to back
  • Result: Race 1 8th
  • Race 2 6th
  • Race 3 18th
  • Overall for the day: 11th

It was a hard road to the main event for me. After a few crashes in practice and qualifying I was up on the line for heat 1. Top 9 riders go to the main event later that day.

I had a good start and was sitting in 3rd for a lap. I was passed by a few riders and settled into 5th. Feeling pretty comfortable on the track I knew I was in a qualifying position and didn’t have to do anything silly. It was all looking good until I over jumped a little double and got out of shape and went down.

I finished the heat in 10th and had to go to the LCQ (last chance qualifying)

Not happy about that I was looking at the positives and I would get an extra 4 laps on the track to work out the lines and the sections that I was still a little slow at.

I got an average start in my LCQ and had to make a few passes to get into 2nd. Knew that the top 2 go through but I wanted to win and make sure. I made a pass on the last lap and won my LCQ.

Race one of the main I managed to sneak a good gate on the inside.

I got off the gates ok and snuck on the inside and came out in the top 5. I got passed buy a few riders and settled into 7th. I had a good gape on the guys behind me but I jumped a little close to the edge of the track and had to miss a section before getting back on the track. I lost a place but I was still happy to finish the race in 8th.

Race two: I again snuck to the inside on the first turn and came out in the top bunch. I settled into 6th and half way through the race I passed the rider in 5th.

I could feel the heat come on from the riders behind me on last few laps and I did everything I could to hold Honda rider Cody Mackie. Right on the finish Mackie put a block pass on me and I had to settle for 6th.

Race three: I did the same as the two races before and snuck to the inside. This time a rider from the outside bounced off the burm and took my front wheel out. I went down and my bike got stuck with another rider’s bike. I finished the moto in 18th.

All in all it was a good days racing. The track wasn’t that long or technical but it made everyone real close. I was a little beat up after my crashes but nothing to serious.

Round 5 Monster Energy SuperX

  • Location: Ipswich QLD
  • Date: 19th Nov
  • Bike/class: Honda CRF 450, Pro open
  • Format: 1 x 20lap
  • Result: 10th

Again it was a hard road to the main event. I qualified in 12th but in our heat race had a shocking first lap casing every jump on the 3rd straight. At the end of the straight I landed on a tough block and went down. Picking the bike up I rode out the race and because of the numbers there was no LCQ so I went to the main anyway.

Main event time and I was all set to do my first ever 20lap Supercross race.

Having an outside gate wasn’t really the best spot on the start line but when the gates dropped I backed myself and pushed through the pack and came out in 4th place. From there I rode a solid race pushing it where I knew I could but riding within my limits. I was passed by a few riders and finished the race in 10th. Knowing that the rider 1 point behind me in the championship hadn’t got passed I was happy with my 20 lap main event.

Championship: 10th

I wasn’t happy about getting passed by so many riders but to stay on and ride 20 laps on the technical Ipswich track without any big mistakes was my main goal for the night.

I was happy to finish my first SuperX season inside the top 10. With so many established SX rider competing in the open class and missing one round it was going to be a big ask. Being my first season I have learnt so much and will be a lot better prepared and know what I’m up against in the future.

I have to say thanks to the Yarrive and the Carlton Dry Honda Thor racing team for their help and supplying me a bike for the series. I hope I did them proud and wasn’t too much trouble.

Also to all my other sponsors both in Australia and NZ. A big thanks making this year of racing possible for me and my teams.

I’m back in NZ now to start preparing for our SX and MX season that kicks off in the new year.

I hope to keep everyone updated on how it all goes.

Mike Phillips

Also a big thanks to Rice Photography for all his photo this year. Amazing job thanks.