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Paul Whibley's fourth OMA title

A new venue and fresh trails greeted riders at Round 8 of the OMA series in Erie, Illinois.

Dry conditions soon transformed to loam as the thirsty soil soaked in some constant misty rain. I grabbed another hole shot and led the early going, playing it cautious as the rain had made some sections unexpectedly slick. A couple miles in Jordan Ashburn had a good line over the creek and jumped past me and into the lead although his time at the front was short lived. Crossing a slick log Jordan tucked the front almost going over the bars but taking a soil sample all the same. I regained the lead and continued with my safe pace.

A lap later in the exact same place that Jordan went down a lapped rider caused me to hesitate on line choice for a split
second but that was all Scott Watkins needed and he took the lead. Half a mile later a stick jammed up my rear wheel, stopping to yank it out Jimmy Jarrett and Jordan flew by, dropping me to 4th. I got going again and chased down Jordan and Jimmy, retaking the positions after eating some serious roost. I pushed on and caught Scott and applied some pressure looking for
somewhere to make a move.

My Smith roll-offs had about enough of the now heavy soil so next time through the pits I stopped for some fresh goggles. Stalling the bike while putting the goggles on and having a tough time restarting saw all my hard work evaporate with Jordan and          Thanks to Mark Kariya for the pic.
Jimmy both going back by. I got fired up and charged, re-passing Jordan then Jimmy
before chasing down Scott.

Once in the lead I kept the heat on and pulled out to about a minute lead by the time the flag came out. With the win I have enough points to wrap up the 2011 OMA title with two rounds to spare. Now OMA champion 4x.

1st: Paul Whibley - 2nd: Jordan Ashburn - 3rd: Scott Watkins

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