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from ... Micah McGoldrick

Hi all, just a short up date. Hope you are all well.        
Okay, where too start? Since the  Nationals I haven't been up to much, I definitely haven't being doing as much training on-bike and off-bike as I was doing, leading into the Junior Nat's. But now its time to get my goals straight and my head clean, and really start focusing on Australia Junior Nationals. Since the NZ Junior Nat's I've raced three times, a Sandpit round down in Cromwell and the Michael Godfrey back here held Queen's Birthday weekend. Finally this weekend gone, The Battle Of The Schools, a MX meeting inspired by my coach Antony Sproull.
Sandpit: I decided to race the secnd round of the Sandpit in Cromwell for a warm up to the Godfrey since I hadn't raced since the Nationals. Me and my coach Antony Sproull did the mission down and we were both looking forward to get out there and race. It was Senior All-In and I was going up against the 450 rider, Antony Sproull. All day racing was hard, bad starts, short motos all lead up to not having the best day. The only positive I could pull away from that day was gaining more experience and always trying to pass as I ran out of time in the moto. I had a lot to work on after that weekend but that only motivate me more. 
Michael Godfrey: Always an awesome event, track and dirt is one of the best to ride. We got lucky and had no rain all weekend, that is not a normal Godfrey. Figuring which class I should race became a battle with the old man (Dad Marty), I wanted to race MX2. However Dad persuaded me, and I was entered in the Juniors. Race day came and after Dad saw the entrees decided to let me race MX2. My challenge was to race harder competition and gain better race experience. Racing went good in itself, results varied, It was tough on the 125, with a 100 metre start straight, those 250f bikes were hard to beat around that first corner, my best start of the weekend gained me a second overall in that moto. The rest of the motos were top five finishes working hard from a midback start. But I gained more and better skills despite the results. I ended a 5th overall. I learnt a lot that weekend, I really enjoy racing seniors, and love the intensely it brings to my racing.  (Editor: MNZ rules now allow a 15 year old to ride Senior Class provided the Steward of the Event approves - a Junior goes Senior at 17)
Battle of the Schools: I always enjoyed the battle of the schools. It's a time to get your class mates out of the class room and chuck them over a dirt bike. My team was me, David who was racing in the farm bike class on his KLX300 (watch out!) and Graham on the RM85 with a 'bald as' rear tyre. It looks and sounds to be a awesome weekend. Track was epic for what the event was as the weather was alright but started to rain a little in the last round. There were 15 to 20 schools enter from all around Christchurch. The boys rode mint and didn't have any big crashes. David was on it, getting every hole shot, and ended up 3rd overall in his class. Graham was loose, but fast, finishing with in the top 10 every race. I also won the 125 class, even after having a big crash in practice. I was lucky to walk away from that one. The day finished with a feature Team Race,  three riders per team, ten minutes each to lay down as many laps as you can. Is was a good fun race, mine finished second by a split second  but given first because because the other team did not have a farm bike in their team, Rangoria New Life School was the 2011 Battle of the Schools Champion.           
Also something I forgot to mention. Thanks Shane, for the Dragon goodies, and Paul at Nationwide for the Pirellis, after that outstanding result from last Junior Nats.
Cheers, until next time, take care.

Micah - nz1